Shinagawa Refractories supports
world industries requiring ultra-high temperatures.

In order to support such industries, it is a basic need to possess refractory products and furnaces with prominent technologies.

The engineering division of Shinagawa Refractories provides our customers with general engineering services. These include design, installation and maintenance of many different types of industrial furnaces. The design and construction of modern kiln furnaces requires advanced technologies that encompass energy-saving, labor-saving, detoxification and safety and are essential for preservation of the environment. We continually meet the satisfaction of our customers in the technical field of environment relevant facilities such as incinerators and waste melting furnaces.

For steel making industries, we respond to a wide range of customer needs by applying leading- edge technologies such as molten steel flow control slide gate valve system for ladle and continuous casting, and submerged entry nozzle quick change system in continuous casting and others. We undertake a whole project approach from refractory design to construction of the lining of units such as blast furnaces, the hot stoves and the coke ovens.

We participated in an ultra-short-time relining of a blast furnace, by using a large-size block ring process, and got a customer’s high valuation. In the integrated iron and steel making works, we take charge of maintenance and diagnosis of the condition of all furnaces and take an important role for the stable operation of the works.

We are the total engineering company supporting the advancement of the ultra-high temperature engineering world.

Polished by tradition and technology

  • Design and installation of refractory linings
  • Refractory repair for industrial furnaces
  • Maintenance and diagnostic services for industrial furnaces
  • Installation equipments for refractories

Installation of blast furnace

Installation of coke oven

Installation of ladle

Plastic refractories gunning equipment(SPG)

Submerged entry nozzle quick change device(QTC)

Slide valve flow control system(SST)