ECLM (Eddy Current Level Meter)

Eddy Current Level Meter (ECLM) is the most advanced system for measuring the molten metal level in mold with high precision and quick response time.

Being applied for the mold level control system, ECLM contributes to stable operation as well as cast products qualities by minimizing the fluctuation of molten metal level.


  • High precision of mold level measurement with no affection of mold flux
  • Quick response time in detecting mold level fluctuation
  • Broad measurement range
  • Optional function to cancel outer disturbances such as EMS/EMBr magnetic field
  • Easy installation for any type of mold shape
  • Safe and easy operation

Over 30 years, ECLM has proved its superiority and reliability in more than 300 casters in the world.



Inside the ECLM sensor, two types of coils are embedded.

A primary electromagnetic field generated by high frequency current running in the exiting coil (Coil P) produces the eddy current on molten metal surface. The detecting coil (Coil S) picks up the strength of induced eddy current, which is a function of the distance between sensor and meniscus.

The value measured by the detecting coil is fed to the amplifier and the processor for outputting the “Mold Level Signal” to mold level control system.



Specification Specification
Specification Specification