Corporate Philosophy

Providing the basics of key industries contributes to the development of an affluent society.

Since being established in 1875, Shinagawa Refractories Co., Ltd., the first private Japanese company to manufacture refractory bricks, has contributed to society by supporting the basics of key industries. For over 130 years we have been providing key Japanese industries with a variety of refractories, kilns, furnaces, and equipments. These have been applied to a wide range of key industries including the non- ferrous metal, electricity, gasses, cement, glass, and ceramic industries as well as the steel industry.

The history of Shinagawa Refractories is a history of contribution to the development of affluent societies in Japan as well as to the support and development of Japanese industries and the economy. Highly industrialized countries cannot enjoy prosperity unless their key industries are active and developing. We are proud to have played a significant part in the development of Japanese industries; we keep a close eye on their growth and we continue to develop and provide a wide range of refractory products to support this.

In recent years, we have developed new energy saving approaches that promote the preservation of the environment. We are committed to finding common environmental interests with communities and becoming a socially responsible company. At the same time, Shinagawa Refractories is proactive in the promotion of well managed globalization and aiming at the summit of the global refractory supplier; we have expanded our business by establishing new business bases in various places around the world.

Shinagawa Refractories recognizes that the basics are at the core of our business. Under our philosophy "Be BASIC", we strive to provide new materials created by advanced technologies. We are devoted to contributing to the development of industries and affluent societies.