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Refractories support several of industries

Shinagawa Refractories’ products sustain various industries including steel, cement, glass, chemistry and waste disposal.

Blast furnace

In a blast furnace, iron ore is reduced and molten pig iron is made. High-alumina bricks and silicon carbide bricks are used in the furnace wall of the blast furnace.

  • High alumina bricks
  • Fireclay bricks
  • Silicon carbide bricks
  • Carbon bricks

RH Degasser

Molten steel is further refined in the RH degasser in order to reduce impurities. By using a vacuum, dissolved gas in the molten steel is removed.
Abrasion-resistant and spalling-resistant refractories are needed for the RH degasser.

  • Magnesia-chrome bricks
  • Magnesia-carbon bricks

Torpedo car

Torpedo car (TPC) is a container for treatment and transference of pig iron to the next process of it. Carbon-based bricks are used at its bottom and wall of TPC. Monolithic refractory is cast around the mouth. Recently, low-thermal conductivity bricks which reduce the temperature losses from the pig iron have been developed.

  • Alumina-silicon carbide-carbon bricks


Pig iron is converted to molten steel by decarbonization. Magnesia-carbon bricks are used at the lining of the converter.

  • Magnesia-carbon bricks

Continuous Casting

Functional and reliable refractories are required for continuous casting. Slide gate plate bricks are used for flow control of molten steel, and casting nozzles are applied to prevent the oxidization of it. Alumina-carbon based materials are used for the nozzles, the plates, monoblock stoppers, and tundish pipes.

  • Upper, middle and lower nozzles
  • Slide gate plate bricks
  • Porous plugs
  • Ladle shrouds
  • Monoblock stoppers
  • Submerged entry nozzles (SEN)
  • Tundish pipes


The stoker part of the incinerator is lined with silicon carbide bricks. High-alumina bricks and castable refractories are used in the other parts.

  • High-alumina bricks
  • Silicon carbide bricks
  • Fireclay castable
  • Magnesia-spinel
    castable refractories
    (Chrome-free type)

Glass furnace

These following bricks are used in the regenerator and the melting chamber of the glass furnaces.

  • High-alumina bricks
  • Silica bricks
  • Fireclay bricks
  • Mullite bricks
  • Zirconia bricks

Cement rotary kiln

In the rotating kiln, cement clinker is made from raw materials by firing. The kiln lining is of corrosive-resistant and basic bricks that allow a good build up of coating. Recently eco-friendly chrome-free type bricks are being used in cement rotary kilns.

  • Magnesia-chrome bricks
  • Magnesia-spinel bricks
    (Chrome-free type)