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Monolithic refractories

Monolithic refractories are widely used in many different applications. We offer a complete system package to meet the wide range of our customers’ needs including product, design, installation and after-sales service.

Castable refractories

Castable refractories are available in a variety of grade specifications for different applications such as casting, gunning, and troweling.

Gunning refractories

These do not require any mold for installation. Large areas can be gunned in a short time, and thus, this technique is suitable for emergency hot repairs as well.

Precast shapes

Precast shapes are manufactured by in-house casting of the castable refractories with optimum parameters.

Plastic and ramming mixes

The plastic refractories are composed of refractory materials and high- quality clay allowing for a uniform lining to be developed by stamping.
Ramming mixes ensure highly dense construction while minimizing plasticity.

Refractory mortars

The most suitable refractory joint mortars can be selected from a variety of different quality levels.