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Fine ceramics

Fine ceramics is the ceramic materials created by controlling micro structures in highly sophisticated processes. We provide key industries with a broad range of engineering ceramics from different types of rollers, dies, pump parts and to ceramic parts used in liquid crystal and semiconductor manufacturing equipments.

High precision large-sized ceramic parts

Our super precision fine processing technique enable us to provide highly precise large ceramic parts.


Alumina ceramics

Alumina ceramics features excellent electrical insulation properties, abrasion resistance and chemical stability. To meet the wide-ranging applications, our alumina ceramics are available in various grades.

Zirconia ceramics

Zirconia ceramics features excellent mechanical strength, high levels of fracture toughness, and a thermal expansion coefficient similar to that of metals.

Silicon carbide ceramics

Silicon carbide ceramics features good resistance to corrosion and abrasion. This is used in mechanical sealing, chemical pumps and semi- conductor manufacturing equipments.

α-Sialon ceramics

α-Sialon ceramics are one of the most technically advanced ceramics having well-balanced mechanical properties. α-Sialon ceramics is a unique product of Shinagawa.

Porous ceramics

We provide several types of porous ceramic products which are primarily used as filters and insulating materials. In addition to these applications, partially porous ceramics are also used in suckers and air bearings.