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Shinagawa Refractories Co., Ltd.
JFE Refractories Corporation
1875 Foundation – Katsuzo Nishimura started manufacturing of fire bricks for the first time in Japan as a private company in Shibaura, Tokyo.
1884 Established Isekatsu Shirorenga Works in Fukagawa, Tokyo after amalgamating with the Shibaura Works.
1887 Moved to Shinagawa, Tokyo and renamed to “Shinagawa Shirorenga Works”.
1895 Established Onahama Works at Onahama, Fukushima Pref.
1900 Reorganized the Shinagawa Works into “Shinagawa Shirorenga Limited Partnership”.
1903 Reorganized into “Shinagawa Refractories Co., Ltd.”
1906 Established Yumoto Works in Iwaki, Fukushima Pref. and moved the Onahama Works.
1916 Merged Nihon Yogyo Co., Ltd. (current Okayama Works Plant-1)
1928 Established Okayama Works Plant-2 in Bizen, Okayama Pref.
1936 Merged with Teikoku Yogyo Co., Ltd.
1938 Established “Shinagawa Kigyo Co., Ltd.” and Okayama Works Plant-3. Established Kojima Yogyo Co., Ltd. (the original name of the company) in Kojima, Okayama and started the manufacture and sale of roseki bricks.
1944 Became a subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and changed its trade name to Kawasaki Refractories Co., Ltd. Acquired Hinase Fire Brick Co., Ltd., a brick manufacturer.
1945 Acquired a workshop of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. (Mitsuishi Refractories Works)
1950 Entered into Technology Alliance with General Refractories, USA. (Basic Bricks RITEX) Acquired Okayama Factory of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Became an affiliated company with the Kawasaki Steel Corporation, a subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
1952 Became a subsidiary of Kawasaki Steel Corporation.
1961 Entered into Business Cooperation Agreement with Nippon Kokan Co., Ltd. Inaugurated Hinase Works. Established Plant No.1 and 3 in Ako.(current Ako Works)
1962 Invested jointly with Kobe Steel Ltd. for “Shinagawa Rozai Co., Ltd.”
1969 Established Shin-Yumoto Works (current Yumoto Works). Established Chigusa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1970 Established Kashima Works (current Kashima Mfg. Dept.) Established Tamashima Plant. (current Tamashima Mfg. Dept.)
1972 Relocated the head office from Kobe to Ako.
1973 Established “Shinagawa Roko Co., Ltd.”
1974 Completed the construction of Plant No.2 in Ako.
1981 Acquired Chiba Refractories Industrial Co., Ltd.
1984 Established “Shinagawa Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.”
1986 Established “Shinagawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.”
1990 Established Ako General Service Co., Ltd.
1991 Established a representative office in Canada.
1993 Announced “Dream Project 21”. Started its approach for establishment of a new Shinagawa Refractories for the 21st Century. Established a joint venture company, Kawasaki-Vesuvius Advanced Refractory Technology Inc. (then KVARTEC Co., Ltd.; Joint venture contract was terminated in 2009.)
1997 Established a joint venture company, Shenyang Shinagawa Glorious Metallurgy materials Co., Ltd. (current Shenyang Shinagawa Metallurgy materials Co., Ltd.) in China.
1998 Established a joint venture general refractory company, “Shinagawa Thermal Ceramics Pty. Ltd.”, in Australia.
1999 Merged Shinagawa Rozai Co., Ltd. with Daiichi-taikarenga Co., Ltd. and changed its trade name to “Ceratechno Co., Ltd.”
2001 Increased the equity in Shinagawa Thermal Ceramics to fully consolidate it and renamed “Shinagawa Refractories Australasia Pty. Ltd.”
2002 Split Fine Ceramics Division and established “Shinagawa Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd.”
2003 Made an equity investment to Jinan Ludong Refractory Co., Ltd., in China.
2004 Acquired stock of Isolite Insulating Products Co., Ltd. to consolidate it. Changed its trade name to JFE Refractories Corporation.
2005 Established a joint venture company, Shinagawa Rongyuan Refractories Co., Ltd. in China.
2006 Established “Shinagawa Advanced Materials Americas Inc.” in USA. Amalgamated with the Shinagawa Roko and established “Roko Company”.
2008 Established a joint venture company, Liaoning Shinagawa Hefeng Metallurgical Material Co., Ltd. in China.
2009 Merged with JFE Refractories Corporation. Merged with Shinagawa Refractories Co., Ltd.
  Shinagawa Refractories Co., Ltd.
2011 Split the Roko Company and established “Shinagawa Roko Co., Ltd.”