Shinagawa Refractories has continuously met the needs and expectations of the industrial world through the development of new technologies in areas such as the manufacturing of refractories, the design of furnaces, furnace construction engineering services and the development of new ceramic products. Our expertise and the result of our research and development have enabled us to have close ties with many companies, not only in Japan, but around the world. Up to now, we have exported engineering and know-how and refractory products to over 50 countries and we continue to expand our business to the rest of the world.

Shinagawa Refractories supports the basics of economy and social life

Ranging from the material industry to the field of energy production, environmentally friendly ultra-high temperature technologies are the basics of all.

Steel and non-ferrous metals, glass, cement and energy such as electricity and gases are important factors necessary to support economic activities and social life. We play a key role as these cannot be produced without advanced refractories and related facilities. As a leading company of ultra-high temperature technologies, we support the basics of key industries, allowing for the development of the economy, and an affluent society.